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Strong in bulk silo's: Domination of dry.

The professional deliveries of loose products are daily routine for Withofs Transport. This can range from all kinds of raw materials (gravel, kaolin, cement, ...), but also high-end minerals which serve as raw materials for the plastics industry. We are happy to take care of all bulk materials which needs transportation. This we mainly do in the Benelux, Germany and Northern France.The focus of Transport Withofs lies on all minerals from various sectors. Whether they are powders or granules, light or heavy, it does not matter to us. We try to build our network in such a way that we can minimize our empty mileage which guarantees a very competitive price to our customers.We can also offer our customers a solution for transporting more special products. We have several bulk trucks dedicated to one specific product that requires more attention such as ADR, GMP, KIWA waste, but also products which require high cleanliness standards, certain plastics and materials that have a high degree of purity.This means Withofs Transport always pays a lot of attention to the compatibility of various products we provide to our various customers. In order to control this we developed a detailed cleaning matrix, in consultation with our customers.To improve the product availability and to guarantee short delivery times to your customers, we have a silo storage of 100m³ for all your bulk goods for both short and long term. For future longer term projects, Withofs Transport is also willing to consider additional investments to accommodate your needs. Also here we can take care of the stock management at your customers. Please, contact us to discuss your needs.

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