Withofs Transport is still up and running, because we must!

First of all, we thank our drivers who take most of the risks, even that we made them aware of the precautions to take.

But without them, there are no goods in the supermarkets. We work indirectly for the food industry as we focus on raw materials for the packaging industry (which is needed to pack our food).

We even work indirectly for the pharmaceutical industry, health and care. Don’t forget that an important part we do is for water and flue gas treatment, so that the necessary industry can continue working FOR ALL of us, without polluting. Last but not least we deliver raw materials to make all forms of hygienic paper that everybody is afraid to miss.

We also want to thank or dispatching who have even to work under more stress then usual during those difficult days. We don’t forget our technical team to keep the trucks running, our cleaning of the trucks and also all our administrators.

We made the following precautions to keep the trucks running :

-          All of our drivers have received special Corona PBM’s and guidelines

-          Administration is working from home office

-          Maintenance has been spreaded in shifts, so that we can keep the “social distancing”

-          We have guaranteed an IT back-up with our IT supplier.

-          In the operations we implemented the “social distancing” and they work as much as possible from home.

We keep working for you now and in the future.

If you have any further questions, you can use our contact formular

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