The past few years have been an incredibly challenging time for logistics and transportation companies worldwide, and arguably the world’s first circumstance of the supply chain being impacted massively on a global scale. Like many logistics companies, we at Withofs Bulk Logistics have always been good at rapidly adapting to meet radical change thanks to their versatile nature, but never before has this sector faced this many challenges all at once.

Our owner, Gino Withofs, explains: “Companies that operate in the industry will need to adapt to a huge number of challenges and trends that are headed their way in 2022 and beyond, spurred on by broader developments such as the disruption of the global logistics network, the impact of Covid-19 and Brexit, labor shortage and talent race in transport, the mobility package, road congestion, parts shortages, rising prices of raw materials and energy, inflation, growing artificial intelligence and technology, the important developments in emission regulations and the productivity gap.”

According to a recent study, the combination of all these challenges have caused cost prices in the transport and logistics sector to rise by 8.1% in 2021. A trend that is forecasted to continue throughout 2022 with the expectation that an additional aggregated cost increase of 5-7%, depending on the type of transport will occur.

“On a positive note – with every challenge comes opportunity,” states Withofs Bulk Logistics. “Agile thinking and expertise make us at Withofs look forward to solutions that will restore balance in the transport and logistics sector. As the transport industry is one of the pillars of the international and interregional trade, it is crucial for our global economy. All the more reason why a modal shift toward a more efficient and systematic network will unlock the full potential of the logistics: synchro- modality, abolish tendering, creating a collaborative community, optimization and creation of new flows and dynamics, return logistics through big data forecasting etc.”

In conclusion, we are left with only one road  forward for a sustainable, innovative future in transport and logistics: accepting the higher costs and facing these challenges together with a higher level of mutual commitment. 

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